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10 Questions to Ask Your Property Surveyor

    10 Questions to Ask Your Property Surveyor

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    When it comes down to property surveying, making sure that you only get the best is integral. To make sure you only get the most out of your property surveyor, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask to make sure you’re only receiving work at the highest standard.


    1. What is it that a Property Surveyor Does?The simplest of all the questions, and the easiest to answer. A good property surveyor, by definition, should assess the condition of the property and point out any faults within the building, and give an estimate on the value of the property. However, these are just some of the jobs a surveyor will undertake.
    2. Do They Belong to a Reliable Company?Making sure that your surveyor comes from a reputable firm and has liability insurance is important if you want to be confident in getting a good job done. At Bevans Chartered Surveyors, we’ve been in the business for over eight years, with our staff all having worked within the industry before. We’ve put together a great team and have the testimonials to help put your mind at ease.
    3. Will I be Kept in the Loop?

      Not knowing what’s going on can lead to frustration and even anxiety. We make sure that you’re kept in the know of what we’re doing – just leave it to us and we’ll make sure to keep you completely updated.
    4. Why Do I Need a Property Surveyor?

      A property survey goes beyond the means of just undertaking a mortgage lender’s survey. By going one step further and getting a full property survey, you will have an insight into any issues the building has and be more knowledgeable about any faults that may have previously been hidden.
    5. What’s Right For Me?

      The answer to this question will often differ. A popular option is that of quantity surveying, a speciality here at Bevans. This is a survey that focusses on cost planning, risk control and preparation of contracts when construction work is undertaken.
    6. What Happens After?

      After a survey has been undertaken, we make sure that you are given all the help that you need. The report will be debriefed in detail so you know exactly what your next step is.
    7. How Long Does it Take?

      After we complete a survey, we aim to get back to you efficiently. For example, if it was a full building survey that we had completed, you can expect a response within 3 – 4 working days.
    8. Is this Property Worth it?

      One of the main reasons you’ll be hiring the surveyor is to answer this question. We’ll make sure to run through all the potential costly issues that the property has which could save you money and frustration in the long run.
    9. What’s the Cost?

      Prices vary depending on the scale of the property – the best way to find out pricing is through getting in touch, via our email address or telephone number.
    10. How Do I Get in Touch? 

      If you want to find out more, either call us on 01242 584 674 or email us at


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