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Expert Witness & Construction Dispute Advice

    Services provided

    • Initial independent advice
    • Initial analysis of the synthesis of a dispute
    • Identification of the issues
    • CPR compliant rules
    • Evidence in court
    • Preparation of Scott Schedules

    What is an Expert Witness?

    An Expert Witness can be anyone with knowledge of or experience in a particular field or discipline beyond that to be expected of a layman. An expert witness is an expert who makes this knowledge and experience available to a court (or other judicial or quasi-judicial bodies, e.g. tribunals, arbitrations, official enquiries, etc.) to help the court understand the issues in a case and thereby reach a sound and just decision. Our field of expertise is in the area of building construction, property, disabled access and the values of construction disputes and we regularly act in such cases.

    Expert Witness Institute

    Some of our surveyors are also members of the Expert Witness Institute. We are well versed in the preparation of detailed, analytical and thorough reports in readiness for court and in accord with the Civil Procedure Rules and the complexities of those rules.

    For more information and to receive detailed advice on an Expert Witness matter or construction dispute please call 01242 584674 or alternatively email