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5 of the most common building faults found by surveyors

    5 of the most common building faults found by surveyors

    Want to know what the most common problems identified by building surveyors are? Then read on to find out, as we’ve put together an overview for you:

    1. Damp Issues

    One of the most common faults found by surveyors is damp. All houses contain a certain amount of moisture, and usually, this finds a way to spread out and disperse. However, problems arise when you get an excessive amount in a particular area that can’t escape.

    Damp can have a range of causes including poor ventilation and heating. Older houses tend to be made from breathable materials which allow moisture to escape. However, problems can arise if incorrect building materials or paints have been used in the intervening years that are not breathable and hence prevent moisture escaping.

    Dampness can also be a result of poor maintenance or an unattended leak such as a seal around a bath that needs replacing or a pipe that is damaged or corroded. Even a small drip left unchecked over a period of time can cause substantial damage.

    1. Problematic roofs

    Another common fault found by surveys is a problem with the roof. Roof maintenance can be easily overlooked, from a few tiles that have slipped out of place and need securing to more substantial problems with the supporting wooden structure.

    1. Insect Infestations

    It’s also not uncommon for surveyors to find evidence of wood boring insect infestations during inspections. Floor and roof structures can be adversely affected by larvae boring their way into the wood. In fact, left unchecked, infestations of insects such as woodworm can lead to weakness and even the collapse of a wooden structure and treating such problems is expensive. However, if identified and treated early, insect infestations shouldn’t cause a structural problem, that’s one reason why having a comprehensive building survey is so important before you commit to a property purchase.

    1. Concerns about windows

    Another common issue identified by building surveys are problems with the windows, including seasonal maintenance that needs addressing, poor installation or windows that don’t allow for escape from a building. Since April 2002, it’s been statutory for all replacement windows to have opening mechanisms that allow escape in the event of a fire.  However, many older windows are still in situ, so it’s a problem quite commonly picked up on in surveys.

    1. Movement

    Another issue regularly pinpointed by building surveys is movement in the building. Such problems could relate to the building itself, such as inadequate foundations or to problems in neighbouring buildings, for example. However, they can also be caused by changes in the ground, such as excessive water levels or due to trees growing too close to a structure.

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