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Project Management

    Project Management Services Include:

    • Managing the design and Town Planning process
    • Managing technical design and the design input of specialist such as structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, landscape architects and the like
    • Prepare budgets and budget management
    • Preparing tender documents and handling the competitive tender process
    • Managing the project onsite to ensure quality and financial control
    • The management of the contractual elements of the construction process including preparation of standard contracts or assisting lawyers with bespoke contracts
    • The management of interim and final payment certificates

    From Planning to Completion

    We co-ordinate your project from planning through to completion and handover. Whether large or small your project will be given a great level of attention, ensuring it is completed to a high standard. 

    A good project management team is an essential element in a construction project and we are fortunate that we provide most of the services required to assure success in house and readily available to make sure your project runs smoothly and is delivered on time and within budget.

    For more information and to receive detailed advice please call 01242 584674 or alternatively email