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Residential Building Surveys

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    • Full Building Surveys
    • Viability reports
    • Specific defects reports

    What is a Building Survey?

    A Building Survey (sometimes incorrectly referred to as a structural survey) is a detailed report on the physical condition of a building and its services. All our surveys are carried out by Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors qualified Building Surveyors.

    The purpose of the survey is to identify any problems that may exist with a property before you finalise an agreement to purchase. We undertake surveys on both residential and commercial properties. The type of survey you need will be discussed in detail to make sure you get the right level of service and report that best fits your needs. If necessary we may recommend additional inspections for areas covered by specialists such as heating, plumbing, drainage and electrical installations, if our inspection reveals concerns over these areas.

    Full Building surveys

    The most detailed inspection of a property, we always call you after the inspection to discuss the general condition and to discuss any “deal breakers”. The report normally follows in 3 – 4 working days and includes a summary of the findings and indication of the costs likely to be needed to rectify major defects and a series of photographs to help explain the issues. The language is simple and clear and gives the un-informed purchaser an easily understood explanation of the implications of their proposed move.

    If you are a commercial purchaser the report is tailored to suit the more specialist purchaser / investor requirements. The report will look at the strategic needs of an investors needs and may give details of cost in use and the like, again additional specialist investigations may be needed including such matters as asbestos or concrete decay.

    Viability reports

    These reports will look at the viability of proposed alterations to both residential and commercial property. We will examine the costs of proposals, the practicality of those proposal and if necessary move onto assist in design and project management of the proposed alterations.

    Specific defects reports

    These reports cover specific concerns regarding a property for both purchasers and existing occupiers. These reports will look at such matters as structural movement, damp and timber decay.

    Homebuyers Surveys

    We don’t undertake Homebuyers Surveys.

    For more information and to receive detailed advice on Building Surveys as well as a competitive fee proposal please call 01242 584674 or email