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Access Consultancy, Access Audits

    Access Consultants

    We provide the following access consultancy services:

    • Access Audits
    • Access Appraisals
    • Access statements
    • Expert witness advice on disabled access claims
    • Face to face disability and etiquette awareness training
    • On line face disability and etiquette awareness training

    We have been involved in  providing Access Consultant services since before the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) first came into effect. This legislation was replaced by the Equality Act in 2010, however people still sometimes refer to the DDA when talking about access for disabled people. We are Access Consultants for the Equality act based in Cheltenham Gloucestershire but we work nationally and currently have clients based in Worcester, Hereford, Swindon, Cardiff, Oxford, London, Bristol, Bath, Birmingham, Leeds and Derby to name a few.

    Disabled Access Experience

    For nearly 20 years we have been involved in major schemes for disabled access, both in the UK and Ireland, not only on a Consultancy basis but also with regard to public relations as well as training and expert witness work. We provide our clients with realistic and cost effective guidance on how they can meet all aspects and obligations of the Equality Act.

    We have advised and been Access Consultants on a broad range of public buildings. Our services are provided by our fully qualified and very experienced Access Consultants who are members of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC).

    Access Audits

    An access audit sometimes referred to as a DDA audit or Disability Access Audit (the DDA was replaced by the Equality Act in 2010 and no longer exists), is the evaluation of a building or service and its accessibility to disabled people. The Equality Act is split into several sections, the relevant one most generally related to Access Audits is contained in section 3 which covers provision of services to members of the public. Our audits involve a visit to your premises to undertake a detailed inspection of the site with regard to the needs of members of the public. The inspection will result in the production of a detailed access report which will include:

    • An explanation of the legislation and your obligations contained therein including the test of reasonableness.
    • A description of the services and facilities provided at your premises and the barriers they present to people with a disability and the reasonable adjustment which we consider necessary.
    • A summary of works that we suggest require alteration and a program for carrying these out.
    • Access and Equality Training

    Staff training is a large part of our access provision and is a great way of reducing the risk of prosecution as well as fulfilling your social obligations. We work with disabled people to help deliver our training.  We have a number of training videos and online training units for receptionists, facilities managers and maintenance and cleaning staff which are a great way of delivering training to large numbers of people quickly and effectively. Our online training modules start at £15 per person. Please call to discuss your training needs

    Access Appraisals

    An access appraisal is a review of a building or external space design and the provision of advice as to the practical implications that people with a disability will face when using the premises. The appraisal report will make recommendations for amendments at various stages through the design process to advise the design team. The report is an evolving document and is updated through the design and construction phase. The document will be used as the basis for the Access Audit once the building is occupied.

    For more information and to receive detailed advice and a competitive fee proposal please call 01242 584674  or alternatively email

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Access Consultants and Access Audits - Bevans Chartered Surveyors


Emails always answered promptly. Quick and professional service. Verbal report was very helpful in addition to written report.

Tanya Randell
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