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    Construction services that can facilitate Cardiff’s growth

    The proclamation of Cardiff as Wales’ capital came in 1955, making it relatively new as a capital city. However, the settlement has long been a hub of exciting and cosmopolitan activity for not only Wales but also the UK more broadly. It has attracted much attention even from people outside the city – largely due to its pleasing variety of attractions and landmarks and renowned educational institutions. Below, we explain why we can help accommodate a growing local population.


    Chartered Surveyors in Cardiff


    Many, many reasons to make Cardiff a home

    Estimates have put the Cardiff unitary authority area’s mid-2011 population at 346,100 and the much larger Cardiff metropolitan area’s population then at roughly 1.1 million people. That area comprised over a third of Wales’ total population. Students make up much of Cardiff’s population, owing to the esteemed higher education institutions Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, and the University of South Wales.

    It is not only students who are fond of travelling to Cardiff; in 2010, the city had 18.3 million visitors, making it Wales’ most popular visitor destination. Such attractions as the Millennium Stadium, the Welsh National Museum, and plentiful castles – Cardiff Castle and Castell Coch among them – should make this statistic unsurprising. Undoubtedly, many visitors would have been so taken with Cardiff as to decide to set up home there – and the local jobs market’s health would have eased this.

    Cardiff is a particularly vibrant centre for finance and business services – while a fifth of the city’s employees work in the distribution, hotels, and restaurants sector. Big name companies and organisations based in Cardiff include Admiral Insurance, Zurich, NHS Wales, BBC Wales, ITV Wales, The AA, British Gas, and the National Assembly for Wales.


    Some examples of how we can help with Cardiff’s further success

    All of this means that Cardiff appears set for continued growth – both economically and in population – long into the future. However, this growth could also heighten demand for construction and property services locally. Fortunately, we at Bevans Chartered Surveyors can provide or facilitate such services – as, while we operate from the Gloucestershire-based spa town Cheltenham, our services are available across the United Kingdom.

    Cardiff’s continued flourishing could trigger demand for various types of buildings. These could include both commercial buildings for businesses to use and residential buildings for local employees and students to live in. Hence, both for-sale and for-let buildings could be in demand.

    Our services available in the Welsh capital include access audits, where the extent of a building’s accessibility for disabled people is discerned, and building surveys, with which a premises’ physical condition is measured. We can also advise on a construction project’s cost when we deliver quantity surveying. It’s even within our ability to manage a construction project, whether it be large or small.


    Our website has further information about all of these services and more, though reaching out to us – by email or phone – for even more information is possible.

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