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What is a Construction Expert Witness and How Could One Help You?

    What is a Construction Expert Witness and How Could One Help You?


    If you work within the construction industry, knowing what a construction expert witness is and what their role entails could be something that could end up being beneficial to yourself and your company… but why?


    What is a Construction Expert Witness?


    Before you hire a construction expert witness, knowing what their job is and what they can do for you is integral. A construction expert witness is known to be someone who has greater knowledge in a certain field than others and can put this information forward in a court to settle a dispute between different parties. In the area of construction, this means that the expert witness will know the ins and outs of the construction industry, along with the legalities. They can put forward a testimony, should court be needed, and help with the case.


    When it comes to hiring a construction expert witness, it can be worth finding someone who specialises within your field to get the most for your money.


    How Can a Construction Expert Witness Help Me?


    If a case has been brought to court or a tribunal, hiring a construction expert witness will help them reach a fair decision. They’ll present the case to the court, helping them to fully understand what has been undertaken and if there are any legal implications. A good construction expert witness will also initially give you some just and independent advice. You will be told what the issues are and this should leave you with a thorough understanding of the problems that have taken place.

    Through hiring a construction expert witness earlier on, rather than towards the latter end of the case, you will be made fully aware of any issues that there are. This saves you going into the case blind, which can have numerous benefits – it could even lead to a settlement earlier on, saving all parties added hassle.


    What Will Their Testimony Entail?

    One of the main things a construction expert witness will comment on is the standard of care, notably in the case of an accident or injury. By gathering information with regards to this, they will be able to start to pinpoint who is liable for the mistake. They will make sure that their testimony will be fair – they will put forward the facts in an unbiased manner so that the right result is reached.


    How Can We Help You?

    At Bevans Chartered Surveyors, we make sure that we only have a team comprising of the most experienced and efficient construction expert witnesses that there are. With years of practice within this field, we’re confident that you will only be hiring the best and, with our tribunals, we’re sure we can help to prove this.


    To find out more about what we can do for you, either give us a call on 01242 584674 or email us at

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