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Which Survey is Right For You?

    Which Survey is Right For You?


    Getting a survey done has the potential to save you a great deal of money in the long term. Without a survey, you could end up buying a property for more than its worth, unknowing about all its hidden faults, or it could even lead to a legal dispute. However, how do you know which survey is right for you?


    Property Surveying

    If you’re looking into buying a building then property surveying is the most beneficial survey for you. By undertaking a property survey, you become wiser about the property as a whole – any underlying issues are discovered and you can work out whether it’s worth still purchasing the property and fixing them, or if it would be cheaper to go for a different building. This can aid you in making an informed decision before making an expensive purchase that you could regret. Any costs that will be needed to rectify defects will be discussed in detail, along with photographs and evidence of the issues, meaning you’ll be able to reach a conversant verdict on what to do next. You’ll build up a rapport with your surveyor, meaning you’ll get honest and thorough advice on your next move.


    Party Wall Surveying

    Party wall surveying is a complicated form of surveying that requires someone who is a specialist within this area. This is for work that is undertaken on a structure or a wall that is also shared by a different party or for work that is in close vicinity to another property. Due to the involvement of another party, it is best to get a surveyor involved who understands the potential repercussions of the work and can go between parties with ease. Legalities in this area of construction are important and precise, hence needing a surveyor who is aware of the laws surrounding this type of work, including the Party Wall Act (1996). Going ahead with the work without involving the other party could lead to severe consequences. If the work that you wish to be completed is on a shared wall or structure, then contacting a party wall surveyor is the best way to begin. This way you could have your work completed whilst keeping everyone involved content and making sure it’s all above board.


    Quantity Surveying

    This type of surveying is used with regards to construction. The aim of hiring a quantity surveyor is to keep costs down as much as possible, while still remaining economically efficient and getting the best work done. Hiring a quantity surveyor has numerous benefits – you won’t have to worry about contracts, research or undergoing risk and health assessments as that’s all part of the package.


    How Can We Help?

    With offices spread around the UK, just give us a ring to see if we can help you. With chartered surveyors in Bristol, Cardiff and London to only mention a few, along with over eight years’ experience, we believe that we can benefit you.